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Early Intervention Strategy Small Scale Research program

Funding Opportunity: CLOSED

About the program

The Early Intervention Strategy for Spruce Budworm (EIS) is designed to reduce the risk of a spruce budworm (SBW) outbreak in Atlantic Canada by treating “hotspots” (small areas with low and growing SBW populations) early in the outbreak cycle before damage has occurred to forests.

The EIS Small Scale Research (SSR) program supports scientific research addressing key science needs underpinning the development, deployment, efficacy, and impact of SBW management activities. The objective of the SSR program is to improve knowledge and tools to address current and future SBW outbreak development and spread.


The Eligible Recipients under the SSR program are Canadian research institutions and organizations, such as universities, colleges, and not-for-profit organizations that specialize in forest research, and insecticide operations applicators.

Types of projects funded

Projects supported under this funding opportunity includes research that will address:

  • SBW biology and ecology
  • SBW dispersal and migration
  • Detection of SBW and SBW damage
  • SBW management under EIS
  • Ecological impacts

Examples of SSR activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Targeted science, research and/or development activities, including collaborative research activities that contribute directly to the eligible projects
  • Research papers related to new/enhanced technology or advancement in sciences directly related to the eligible projects
  • Dissemination of publications and research findings where the primary focus of the project is research contributing directly to the eligible projects

Contact us

For questions about the EIS Small Scale Research program, and to send the application, email the EIS Team.

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