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Web Tool Based On Macroeconomic And Electricity Modeling

Strategic Area

Energy Modelling




Energy Innovation Program



EIP Contribution

$ 360,000

Project Total

$ 360,000


Vancouver, BC

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Navius Research Inc.

Lead Proponent

Navius Research Inc.

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to provide publicly available modelling results on Canada’s net-zero energy transition by 2050. The project will accomplish this through the integration of two models: an energy-economy model (gTech), and a detailed electricity sector model (IESD), the results of which will be publicly available on an interactive online visualization platform.

Expected Results

This web tool will provide Canadians with web-based access to macroeconomic and electricity modelling results in an accessible format, as well as providing a web platform for stakeholders to explore different energy futures and their implications for various energy technology pathways in reaching a net-zero economy. Stakeholders will be able to access raw modelling results for download.

This will address a key need in the analysis necessary for Canada to further understand different net-zero pathways.

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