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Pembina Energy Policy Simulator Update

Strategic Area

Energy Modelling




Energy Innovation LLC


Energy Innovation Program



EIP Contribution

$ 230,000

Project Total

$ 280,630


Calgary, AB

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Pembina Institute

Pembina Energy Policy Simulator

Lead Proponent

Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to fund an update and comprehensive technical and stakeholder consultation for Pembina’s existing Energy Policy Simulator which is currently available on their website, as well as a work plan for potential model updates in future years.

Tasks include:

  • The Energy Policy Simulator has been applied to a number of jurisdictions. This project includes updating the Canadian version to be consistent with the latest modelling enhancements, including a range of new technologies such as direct air capture and industrial decarbonization options;
  • Reviewing the Energy Policy Simulator’s structure and inputs with an advisory body in order to develop commentary and a work plan of additional adjustments which can be considered both during project execution and in the future.

Expected Results

Building on Pembina’s current web platform, this project will give analysts, academics, and a general audience access to explore different energy futures and their implications for various energy technology pathways, along with the ability to download the model code and data for their own use or adaptation. A better understanding of possible futures will support Canada’s progress towards a prosperous transition to net zero.

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