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Electric Truck Charging Infrastructure Demonstration

Strategic Area

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure




Green Infrastructure



GI Contribution

$ 4,954,000

Project Total

$ 9,950,000



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Hydro One

Lead Proponent

Hydro One Limited

Project Objectives

This project aims to demonstrate scalable prototypes for class 8 heavy-duty electric truck charging, for both return-to-base and highway applications. The project will also incorporate integrated controls that monitor truck charging, account for grid capacity, and provide a means of settlement.

The project will also address battery storage requirements to reduce grid impacts and contribute to the establishment of new codes and standards.

Expected Results

This demonstration project is expected to result in a direct reduction in GHG emissions by replacing diesel Class 8 heavy-duty trucks with electric trucks.  For the truck operator, benefits will also be seen in terms of fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs. 

This heavy-duty electric truck charging demonstration will directly and indirectly create new jobs in electric truck servicing and maintenance.

Hydro One’s charging infrastructure demonstration for electric trucks will be a model for other utilities and/or businesses interested in pursuing solutions to electrify heavy-duty transportation across Canada.

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