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Demonstration of new generation integrated smart infrastructures for charging electric vehicles

Lead Proponent: AddÉnergie Technologies Inc.
Location:  Many locations across Canada
EIP Contribution : $ 6,604,000
Project Total : $ 15,366,680
Strategic Area :  Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstrations

Project Objective and Expected Results:

The objective of this project is to develop and demonstrate new and innovative technologies with respect to electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Canada. Many activities are planned, including the following:

  • The development of the next generation of electric vehicle fast charging stations, which will be adapted to the increase in the autonomy of electric vehicles offered to consumers over the next 5 years.
  • The development of a new and innovative business model which will allow Canadians and businesses access to charging services on the basis of a monthly subscription without the need to invest in charging infrastructure, much alike a cable television subscription. This approach will encourage the deployment of charging infrastructure by overcoming the acquisition and implementation costs barriers for the residential and commercial sectors.
  • The implementation of charging stations specially designed for street-side installation in 5 major Canadian cities, based on the expertise developed by the deployment of hundreds of charging stations in Montréal, in partnership with Hydro-Québec and the City of Montréal. This will allow related operational and logistical challenges to be addressed, since the implementation of charging stations within major cities is a key step for the increased uptake of electric vehicles in Canada.

This project will lead to economic and social benefits for Canada by lowering GHG emissions, creating jobs, developing new expertise, and developing an internationally marketable technology.

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