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Demonstration of Advanced Biocatalytic Process for Low-Cost Carbon Capture

Lead Proponent:   CO2 Solutions Inc.
Location:  Quebec City, Qc
EIP Contribution: $ 375,000
Project Total: $ 677,000
Strategic Area:  Carbon, Capture, Use and Storage

Project Objectives:

The primary objective of this project is to pursue research on the absorbing solution system with the aim to reduce its cost and further improve the equipment performance after which the improvements would be integrated with the capture process equipment.  A secondary aim is to optimize process configuration to improve its economics either by reduced capital investment or by reduced operational costs.

Expected Results:

It is anticipated that the R&D project would further enhance the potential economics and performance of the overall CSI carbon capture process. This optimized design can then potentially be deployed in a larger-scale demonstration project that would provide valuable long-term operating data as well as ongoing direct GHG reductions.

Long term benefits of this project  would be a significant reductions of CO2 in the atmosphere , ,  due to the capturing of flue gas CO2 emissions from large industrial emitters. 

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