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Community Clean Energy Planning, Training, and Implementation Planning in Gjoa Haven

Strategic Area

Renewable Energy
Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative




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Gjoa Haven, NU

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Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative

Lead Proponent

Hamlet Council of Gjoa Haven

Project Objectives

The Hamlet of Gjoa Haven is engaging with residents to create a community clean energy plan that will support various renewable energy projects and provide capacity building and education opportunities, leading to energy cost savings, the creation of jobs, and reduced diesel use in the community.

Expected Results

Through community engagement and education, the Hamlet of Gjoa Haven will build awareness of energy use and efficiency, inform the community about energy consumption and alternative sources of energy, identify opportunities to conserve energy and initiate clean energy solutions, help develop long-term strategies to implement conservation and clean energy solutions throughout the community, and create economic development opportunities and local jobs through local energy projects. The Hamlet is also working to develop an energy co-op model for the community.

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