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Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre

Lead Proponent:   InnoTech Alberta
Location:  Calgary, AB
EIP Contribution:  up to $9.8 M
Project Total:  $ 22 M
Strategic Area:  Carbon Capture, Storage and Use

Project Objectives:

The overall objective of this project is to put in place a carbon conversion technology centre which is capable of testing CO2 capture and utilization technologies at near commercial scale using flue gas obtained from natural gas combustion. 

This facility will be able to test technologies utilizing between 1 and 25 tonnes of CO2 per day and will include five separate testing bays for concurrent testing of technologies.  This centre is key to accelerating the development of GHG reduction technologies relevant to Canadian industrial sources, and will facilitate industrial adoption by validating commercially viable technologies producing valuable products from CO2 feedstock. 

The development of this centre will enable longer-term objectives, which include building a technology cluster focused on carbon capture and utilization, attracting technologies from around the world to test in this facility, and strategically attracting companies and expertise to locate near this facility.

Expected Results:

It is expected that the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre will advance carbon capture and conversion technologies from technology readiness levels 6-8 through to commercial deployment, ultimately reducing  the costs of managing CO2 and CO2 emissions, connecting local expertise with technology companies and industrial customers, demonstrating Canada’s global leadership in CO2 management and developing potential global carbon capture and conversion technology export opportunities for Alberta and Canadian businesses, as well as generating local job creation.

The Centre will fulfill a key role in reducing the greenhouse gas impacts of large stationary emitters in Canada by delivering more economically attractive greenhouse gas mitigation technologies that are commercially ready and suited to Canada’s industrial sources.

Technologies developed at this Centre will be applicable to the majority of Alberta’s large CO2 emitters, as well as some of the smaller sources, potentially addressing up to 120 Mt/year, or close to half of total Alberta greenhouse gas emissions.

Project Partners:

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Government of Alberta
Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) participants ConocoPhillips Canada, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Nexen Energy ULC, Cenovus Energy Inc, Devon Canada, Suncor Energy, and Shell
Shepard Energy Centre, a joint venture between Enmax Generation Portfolio Inc. and Capital Power (Alberta) Limited Partnership

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