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Advanced Methane Detection, Analytics and Mitigation Project

Lead Proponent:   Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)
Location:  Alberta and Saskatchewan
CEI Contribution: $ 668,000
Project Total: $ 1.4M
Strategic Area:  Methane and VOC Emissions

Project Objectives:

This project aims to demonstrate clean energy, reliable, scalable, rapidly deployable and effective technologies for methane detection, measurement, and mitigation using novel remote sensing sensors, platforms, analytics, advanced micro-combustion, and solar electric system solutions in the upstream oil and gas (UOG) sector. The project will focus on the major sources, namely cold light/medium and heavy oil production, natural gas production, and surface casing vent flows from major sources in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Expected Results:

The emerging technologies demonstrated in this project will assist the oil and gas industry in detecting and monitoring methane emissions at the required scale. The advanced analytics to be developed will also allow the screening and triage of emission sources so that operators and regulators can focus on super emitters. Analytics will enable cost reduction of mitigation measures through campaigning of equipment retrofits among several operators. Mitigation technologies demonstrated will become tools available to operators and regulators to detect and measure real-time emissions reductions more accurately.

Project Partners:

University of Calgary
GE Canada
Cap Op Energy
Process Ecology
LCO Technologies
Husky Energy
St Francis Xavier University
Calscan Solutions

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