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3 500 Saint-Jacques NET ZERO+

Lead Proponent: Lemay CO Inc.
Location: Montreal, Quebec
CEI Contribution: $1 M
Project total: $2.992 M
Strategic Area: Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities

Project Objectives:

Front view of the newly updated building showing some of the new net-zero energy retrofits.

The 3500 Saint-Jacques Project proposes the conversion of an older decommissioned 3-floor industrial building into office space with the main tenant being architecture firm Lemay CO Inc. The objective of the Project is to approach net zero annual energy consumption through the integration of renewable energy, energy storage and advanced control technologies. This project represents a unique example of adaptive reuse of an existing building, which will serve as a practical model for the industry.

The Project proposes the following innovations:

  1. Architectural integration of photovoltaic (PV) panels with heat recovery channels into the building’s south east curtain wall.
  2. The use of energy storage systems to manage power demand during winter peak periods.
  3. View of the southwest side of the building, integrating energy efficient technologies

  4. Installation of an advanced control system to maximize operation of the renewable energy systems installed in the building, and ensure that operation of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and electric lighting systems coincides with building occupancy periods. The advanced control system also uses algorithms to automatically detect and diagnose failures, and to continuously monitor system behaviour.

Expected Results:

The Project aims to achieve the highest environmental certification standards, specifically Zero Carbon and LEED Canada New Construction Platinum, a first in Quebec. The Project will enable the spread of energy retrofit solutions and increase the capacity of Canada’s construction industry to achieve net-zero energy performance in the existing building sector.

Project Partners:

Groupe MACH
Martin Roy and Associates MRA
Elema services-conseils
Dupras Ledoux

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