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Requests for information

What is a request for information?

Through a request for information (RFI), we can ask for detailed information and feedback to help in shaping policy objectives and the development of potential future programming. An RFI will ask for input from (including but not limited to) Canadian industry, researchers, academics, policymakers, and communities. An RFI is not a formal consultation.

Providing this type of feedback and information helps us:

  • strengthen internal planning
  • set priorities
  • enhance our understanding of these areas of interest

Open requests

There are currently no open RFIs

Closed requests

  • Disclaimer

    Please note these are solely a request for information and do not represent formal consultation for a current or future funding opportunity. NRCan is not obligated to respond directly or indirectly to any of the issues submitted under an RFI.

    Canada will not reimburse any respondent for expenses incurred in responding. Respondents will have no claim for damages, compensation, loss of profit, or allowance arising out of providing comments in response to the RFI.

    Respondents should mark any portions of their response that they consider proprietary or confidential. Canada will handle the responses in accordance with the Access to Information Act.

    Individual contributions will be kept confidential. Information received through an RFI may be shared with parties upon request; however, any information that is released will be aggregated without attribution. NRCan may, in its discretion, contact any respondents to follow up with additional questions or for clarification of any aspect of a response.

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