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Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada Finalists

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The Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada Forum 2020 was held on January 14, 2020, where the 22 finalists from across Canada pitched their clean energy technology ideas and solutions to significantly reduce GHG emissions.

We are excited to highlight the top 10 selected to receive funding.

ADC Technologies Inc.

Using a data center's waste heat for Direct Air Capture

Agora Energy Technologies

CO2 to Power: Development of a CO2 redox flow battery

Biome Renewables

PowerCone® Skyway8 Wind Farm Pilot

Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc.

Commercial Reclamation and Upcycling of Coal Ash

CarbonCure Technologies Inc.

CO2 Utilization in Concrete: A New Circular Economy Model

CERT Systems Inc.

Chemical manufacturing through electrochemical carbon dioxide utilization

Click Materials Corp.

Developing disruptively low-cost smart windows for massive adoption across many industries

Edgehog Tech

Adapting nanostructured anti-reflection technology to solar industry relevant material system and dimensions

Ekona Power Inc.

Development and Testing of a Tri-Generation Pyrolysis (TGP) System for Low-cost, Clean Hydrogen Production

Ensyn Technologies Inc.

Cellulosic Fuel Demonstration Unit

Evercloak Inc.

Energy-efficient graphene-based membrane cooling systems

e-Zn Inc.

Commercialization of Lowest-Cost, Long Duration Energy Storage Systems

Fortran Traffic Systems Limited

Development and Demonstration of an AI-Powered Transportation Management System


Ultra-Fast Charging of Lithium-Ion Cells for the Mass Global Adoption of Electric Vehicles

eLeapPower (previously Havelaar Canada)

eLeapPower R&D Collaboration with Purolator, Bell Canada & Cornerstone Hydro-Electric Concepts

Hydrostor Inc.

Development of a large-scale commercial-ready advanced-CAES project for long duration energy storage

Intelligent City Inc.

Platforms for Life

Oneka Technologies

Demonstration project for Wave Energy Convertion for fresh water supply

Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation

Local energy Infrastructure providing Optimized Networks

Peak Power Inc.

Vehicle to grid and Advancement of Transactive Energy

Smarter Alloys Inc.

Extract Energy Heat Engine

Thermalfrost Intl. Inc.

District Cooling with Thermal Energy Storage

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