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A Tool for Design and Analysis of Vapour Collection and Control Systems

Lead Proponent: Clearstone Engineering Ltd.
Location: Calgary, AB
CEI Contribution: $ 430,000
Project Total: $ 800,000
Strategic Area: Methane and VOC Emissions

Project Objectives:

The objective of the project is to address an existing knowledge gap, which is resulting in numerous instances of undersized and improperly maintained vapour collection and control systems (VCCS) in the upstream oil and gas industry causing appreciable atmospheric emissions of methane (CH4) and volatile organic compounds (VOCS).

The project will produce a rigorous, user-friendly software tool for designing and evaluating VCCSs, and a best practices document for the design, operation and maintenance of safe VCCSs. These necessary tools are currently unavailable to industry or regulators and will have a significant positive impact in Canada, the United States and internationally.

Expected Results

The proposed tools are expected to have long-term applicability and achieve immediate market uptake and reductions of CH4 and VOC emissions here in Canada and in the United States, reduced transboundary emissions of these pollutants into Canada from the United States, improved emissions estimation, a domestic and global market, job creation for Canadians, promote increased awareness and understanding of how to preclude venting from VCCS.

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