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The 100% electric mine - Converting the biggest diesels to electric

Strategic Area

Energy – Technology and Innovation
GHG & Air Emissions




Glencore Integrated Nickel Operations
Impala Canada
Ontario Centres of Excellence
Cambrian College


Clean Growth Program



CGP Contribution


Science & Technology Assistance for Cleantech (STAC) Contribution

$ 500,000

Project Total

$ 4,555,000


Pitt Meadows, BC
Sudbury, ON
Northern Ontario

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FVT Research Inc.

Lead Proponent

FVT Research Inc.

Project Objectives

Working with diesel equipment underground is one of the biggest environmental challenges a mine faces and can be a significant financial burden in ventilation costs.

This project will undertake the design, development and testing of a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) drivetrain for a Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) drive system that meets or exceeds the performance of the diesel incumbent.

The project aims to convert one of the largest pieces of underground equipment from diesel to battery power.

The goal is to match the existing target size of a 400 hp diesel engine performance and operate for a full shift on one charge.

Expected Results

A 100% electric mine would represent a transformational shift for underground mine operations where diesel engines have dominated for over 100 years.

This project closes a size gap for BEVs in underground mines, offers charging solutions without battery swapping, and advances autonomous operation, improving Canadian mining productivity and emissions.

Anticipated Environmental Benefits: GHG reduction from direct replacement of diesel to battery powered LHD drive system in a mine. Estimated direct CO2e reductions per vehicle are estimated at 500 T per year.

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