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Sundance Housing Rehabilitation Project

Strategic Area

Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities




Butterwick Construction & Carpentry Ltd.


Green Infrastructure



GI Contribution

$ 2,500,000

Project Total

$ 5,350,700


Edmonton, AB

Lead Proponent

Sundance Housing Cooperative

Project Objectives

This project will demonstrate a deep energy retrofit approach to 15 buildings (59 units) of a 1970s wood frame townhouse complex to achieve net-zero energy ready performance levels and develop the infrastructure to make retrofits commercially viable through a repeatable, modular retrofit process.

Project aims to accelerate the uptake of panelized prefabricated deep energy retrofits across North America by driving down costs, inspiring replication, and sharing the lessons learned as widely as possible.

Expected Results

The building retrofits are expected to reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption by 70 to 80%, making the buildings net-zero energy ready.

The Project will contribute to building a retrofit economy by providing a business case for large-scale, cost effective deep energy retrofits that can be implemented across Canada.

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