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Sky Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Lead Proponent: Sky Solar (Canada) Ltd.
Location: Cobourg, Markham and Oxford Station, ON
EIP Contribution: $ 2 M
Project Total: $ 4 M
Strategic Area: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstrations

Project Objectives:

This Electric Vehicle (EV) project aims to demonstrate bi-directional capable electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in combination with solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage. The bi-directional charging technology makes it possible for the EV to act as an alternative power source, as well as help balance the local grid, or renewable electricity production. The charging technology will be incorporated in commercial, institutional and First Nations locations, where vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology will be demonstrated. Economic models will be investigated to determine if there is a commercial case for V2G for EV and charging station owners.

Expected Results:

The project will provide an assessment of the barriers to EV bi-directional charging stations and their potential to address issues such as load balancing and power security for commercial, institutional and remote locations. Economic models related to bi-directional charging will also be investigated to inform EV owners and charging site owners of the financial potential for the bi-directional charging technology.

There are 5 demonstration charging sites planned under this project; 3 in Cobourg, 1 in Markham and 1 in Oxford Station.  The 3 sites in Cobourg have 2 charging units each, and are in municipal-curbside locations, the Markham site will have  4 charging units at a commercial-office location, and the Oxford Station site will have  2 charging units, also at a commercial-office location.  All of these EV charging units will be accessible to the public, and at the following locations:

  • 107 King Street, Cobourg        
  • 739 D'Arcy Street, Cobourg    
  • 207 Division Street, Cobourg
  • 275 Renfrew Drive, Markham (under construction)
  • 2110 County Rd 20, Oxford Station (under construction)
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