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Next generation actionable building energy performance metrics, data analytics, and visualization: an open-source platform

Strategic Area

Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities




CopperTree Analytics
Sensible Building Science
Delta Controls


Green Infrastructure



GI Contribution

$ 510,000

Project Total

$ 860,000


Ottawa, ON

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Research at Carleton

Lead Proponent

Carleton University

Project Objectives

This project will develop a prototype software tool that leverages existing data sources in buildings in innovative ways to provide actionable information to facility and energy managers on how to significantly reduce energy consumption.

This tool will generate action-oriented Knowledge Performance Indicators (KPIs) from these emerging data sources by employing advanced data mining and visualization techniques.

The project will also assist facility and energy managers to continuously monitor the performance of buildings, identify energy intensive anomalies, and guide ongoing commissioning of building control and energy systems.

Expected Results

The project expects to generate uptake of this tool through existing control system manufacturers, which will benefit the buildings industry and Canadians.

Estimated GHG reduction in commercial and institutional buildings of up to 30%.

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