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MiGen Transactive Grid

Strategic Area

Smart Grids and Energy Storage Demonstration




Green Infrastructure



Project Status Update

Hydro-Ottawa has elected to no longer proceed with this project in order to better align efforts with their current priorities for grid modernization and innovation.



Lead Proponent

Hydro Ottawa Limited

Project Objective

The objective of the MiGen Transactive Grid Project was to create a Net-Zero Carbon Community (NZCC) strategy for buildings and private homes overlaid with a market-driven Transactive Demand Response (TDR) solution. Operating in a Transactive Energy Market, the solution would optimize energy sources and loads in real-time creating an overall smart energy network that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increases grid resiliency and flexibility.

The Project proposed to manage distributed energy resources (DERs) in real-time within the grid’s dynamic operating limits through automatic and active negotiation between devices that use or produce electricity at the customer level.

Intended Results

The goal of this project was to establish a template for net-zero carbon (NZC) buildings and homes.

The implementation of this template would reduce the demand for generation from fossil fuel peaking plants, contribute to climate change goals through the acceleration of cleaner transportation and heating with infrastructure that can accommodate load growth, and create an open-source and royalty-free platform that encourages product interoperability for prosumers.

Anticipated GHG reductions (tCO2e):

90,000+ cumulative by 2030

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