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Enhance Energy – Alberta Carbon Trunk Line Carbon Capture and Storage Project

The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line project will include a fully integrated carbon capture and storage (CCS) system incorporating gasification, capture of CO2 emissions, transportation, storage and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Enhance Energy will partner with North West Upgrading for the project and provide CO2 gathering and distribution infrastructure for the cost-effective management of CO2 emissions from facilities in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and throughout central Alberta. The captured CO2 from these sites will be transported via a 240-km pipeline to mature oil reservoirs in central and southern Alberta, where it will be injected for enhanced oil recovery purposes.

The Government of Canada will be funding about $30 million for the project through the Clean Energy Fund, in addition to $33 million from the ecoENERGY Technology Initiative.

March 9, 2021  Celebrating 1 million tonnes of CO2 captured and sequestered

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