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Engineering Design for Net Zero Communities in Toronto

Lead Proponent: City of Toronto
Location: Toronto, ON
EIP Contribution: $ 375,000
Project Total: $ 750,000
Strategic Area: Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities

Project Objectives:

This project consists of a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study focused on the Port Lands and Etobicoke Civic Centre Precinct communities. The objective is to obtain and leverage FEED study results to move from completed Community Energy Plans to actual net zero demonstration projects in these communities.

FEED studies are needed to understand the technical, economic, and regulatory opportunities and challenges associated with achieving net zero at scale.

The studies will answer various questions, including:

  • Can net zero energy and emissions be achieved in these communities and others like them using local, low-carbon energy sources?
  • What are the technology options available, at what magnitude, and at what cost?
  • What, if any, are current regulatory challenges to net zero (e.g. building codes, energy regulations, etc.) and how should they be addressed?

Expected Results:

These FEED studies will advance the concepts put forth by Community Energy Plans completed for the Port Lands and Etobicoke Civic Centre Precinct communities. They will identify required changes to codes and standards, highlight preferred design strategies for use of local low-carbon heat sources, and provide business cases and implementation strategies for net zero development.

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