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Community Clean Energy Planning, Training, and Implementation Planning in Nuxalk Nation

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Renewable Energy
Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative




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Nuxalk Nation, BC

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Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative

Lead Proponent

Nuxalk Nation

Project Objectives

Nuxalk Nation Administration is engaging with leadership and members to update Nuxalk’s Community Energy Plan and advance the development of a community-owned hydropower project as well as smaller clean energy pilot projects. The updated plan will look to:

  • Drive the implementation of a phased approach to displace diesel;
  • Assess and plan for future energy growth;
  • Advance and create new energy generation opportunities;
  • Focus on community empowerment and create meaningful opportunities for Nuxalk membership.

Nuxalk is considering a community solar program and a solar project at our local school to generate youth led participation in clean energy. It will also build excitement and community discussions about (energy) empowerment.

Expected Results

Through the Community Energy Plan, the development of the proposed hydropower project and pilot projects, Nuxalk expects to achieve the following key results:

  1. Significant diesel power displacement and greenhouse gas emission reductions: Nuxalk is working to have 100% of its future energy needs met by clean energy solutions.
  2. Engaged and empowered community members acting to support Nuxalk clean energy priorities and goals by creating new employment skills development opportunities and building community capacity by enhancing sustainable local employment skills.
  3. The creation of an economic development entity that is championed by Nuxalk Hereditary Leaders.
  4. Strategic linkages between Nuxalk’s community energy objectives with our Nation’s Territorial interests and values.
  5. Diverse tangible and intangible benefits to our membership and community as a whole, as well as Nuxalk’s future generations.

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