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Charging Infrastructure with Dynamic and Distributed Price Signal for Load Shaping

Strategic Area

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure




Burlington Hydro
Province of Ontario
University of Waterloo


Green Infrastructure



GI Contribution

$ 1,300,000

Project Total

$ 2,844,755


Several provinces

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Geotab Inc.

Lead Proponent

Geotab Inc.

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to demonstrate an enhanced SmartCharge Rewards system that includes dynamic and distributed price signals.

A distributed price signal allows different electric vehicle (EV) owners to have different charge time-windows to avoid or limit demand charges.   A dynamic price signal allows for an additional reward for EV owners to charge at a specific time to shift electrical loads at the grid level in order to avoid grid constraints. 

The project will demonstrate and compare load shaping options and provide utilities and regulators with real-world performance data and decision-making tools to consider different rate-based programs for EV owners.

Expected Results

It is expected that this project will demonstrate that price signals will reduce the need for electric infrastructure upgrades in some cases.

The project is also expected to reduce the cost of charging stations and charging costs for EV owners since price signals can increase the efficiency of the EV charging system.

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