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Assessing methane emissions from legacy fossil resource development and methane mitigation potential in Atlantic Canada

Lead Proponent: Dalhousie University
Location:  Nova Scotia & New Brunswick
CEI Contribution: $482,200
Project Total: $777,550
Strategic Area:  Methane and VOC Emissions

Project Objectives:

This project is the first phase of a methane mitigation initiative to be conducted in the Maritimes, with a focus on legacy (historic) fossil resource (oil, gas, coal) extraction sites.  These legacy sites greatly outnumber modern ones in the Maritimes, and were developed generations before modern environmental safeguards.

The objective is to conduct field research and development that results in methane emission inventory estimates for legacy fossil resource extraction sites in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

The secondary objective for this project will be to provide validation opportunities for new technologies and methodologies that can increase the effectiveness of methane abatement studies everywhere. 

Expected Results:

This project is very important for methane management and policy formation in the Maritimes region, and will provide benefits to Canada via improvements in methane management technology and methodology.

Project Partners:

University of New Brunswick
St. Francis Xavier University
University of Waterloo

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