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Accelerate Alliance: Developing Canada’s Battery Innovation Roadmap

Strategic Area

Energy Modelling




Energy Innovation Program



EIP Contribution

$ 500,000

Project Total

$ 603,220



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Accelerate: Canada's ZEV Supply Chain Alliance

Lead Proponent

Accelerate: Canada's ZEV Supply Chain Alliance

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to develop a Canadian battery innovation roadmap that focuses on building Canada's capacity to develop, commercialize, and scale up domestic battery innovations for both mobile and stationary applications.

Expected Results

This project will provide alignment toward achieving results for Canadians outlined in the NRCan mandate letter to develop a sustainable battery innovation ecosystem in Canada. Ultimately, this project will benefit Canadians by defining priorities in battery innovation that lead to the following:

  1. emissions reductions,
  2. new economic activity through Canadian-owned and directed cleantech firm creation,
  3. intellectual property generation, and
  4. pathways for skills and labour force development.

This project will also enable Canada’s battery innovators (including stakeholders across industry, academia, and government) to focus their priorities for a sustainable battery innovation ecosystem and establish Canadian leadership, within the global market. It will help identify new upstream, mid-stream and downstream strategic priorities for Canada’s battery industry and develop pathways to optimize the benefits of public funding in battery innovation.

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