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Geological Survey of Canada: Strategic plan and annual reports

At the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), we provide authoritative geoscience expertise, knowledge and products to those making decisions about Canada’s lands and resources. We work in every Canadian region as an integral part of Natural Resources Canada’s Lands and Minerals Sector.

Building on our long history and deep connection to Canada’s growth as a nation, we will continue to chart the course of a modern geological survey, responding to today’s social and technological challenges.

Strategic Plan 2023–2028

To support NRCan's core responsibility of natural resource science and risk mitigation, the GSC conducts geoscience activities under three strategic science priorities and three strategic operational priorities.

The GSC's strategic science priorities support Canada's goals for sustainable resource development—onshore and offshore—as well as climate and disaster resilience.

The GSC's strategic operational priorities recognize that achieving scientific goals relies on strong organizational foundations. This includes everything from world-class laboratories, to how we manage and share our research, to the people who make it all happen.

Read this Strategic Plan to learn more about the GSC’s vision to deliver high-impact geoscience for 2023-2028.

Diagram depicting six GSC strategic priorities.
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Image of the six GSC strategic priorities.

There are three GSC strategic science priorities, consisting of (1) geoscience for mineral and Northern development; (2) geoscience for land management; and (3) geoscience for climate and disaster resilience.

There are three GSC strategic operational priorities, consisting of (1) connecting geoscience to users; (2) enhancing domestic and international partnerships; and (3) organizational stewardship for continued success.

Read or download the GSC strategic plan (PDF, 3.0 MB)

Previous Strategic Plans: 

Annual reports

Read these reports to get an overview of the GSC, our corporate results and delivery structure, and science and technology program highlights by year. In 2020–2021, our $57 million budget, 474 full-time employees, 14 programs and 494 publications contributed deeply to the NRCan three core, mandated responsibilities: natural resource science and risk mitigation, innovative and sustainable natural resource development and globally competitive natural resource sectors.

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