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Reporting an incident involving explosives or restricted components

You must report incidents and accidents (fire, theft, spill, accidental explosion, injury, death or property damage) involving explosives, including fireworks and ammunition, to the Explosives Regulatory Division under certain circumstances. For restricted components, you must report theft, attempted theft, tampering and refusal to sell (see below).

There are two ways to report:

The following guidance is for anyone involved in explosives, including fireworks and ammunition. For situations not covered here, including exemptions and conditions, consult the Explosives Regulations.

Explosives (including fireworks and ammunition)

Fire and other incidents

If you have a licence, permit or certificate for explosives, including fireworks and ammunition, from Natural Resources Canada, you must inform an inspector as soon as the circumstances permit of any of the following incidents that involve an explosive under your control:

    • theft, attempted theft or loss of an explosive
    • a fire, spill or accidental explosion
    • an injury or death
    • any accidental property damage

You must provide the Chief Inspector of Explosives with a detailed follow-up report about the incident as soon as the circumstances permit. The report must include the likely cause of the incident and the steps that the holder will take to prevent such an incident from happening again.


Accidents and other incidents

If you are driving a vehicle that contains explosives and you have an accident or incident that is likely to delay the delivery of the explosives, you must notify the police and the carrier as soon as the circumstances permit.
This requirement may not apply if you are transporting a small quantity of certain explosives (such as 150 kilograms of consumer fireworks) or any quantity of lower-risk explosives (such as small arms cartridges). Consult the Explosives Regulations section 190(1) for exemptions.

Restricted components

Restricted components are chemicals that have many legitimate uses—for example, they can be used as fertilizers, cleaning products, stump removers, paint thinners, camping fuel tablets and nail polish remover—but that could also be misused to illegally manufacture homemade explosives. For a complete list and more information, see Restricted components. Any theft, attempted theft, tampering or refusal to sell must be reported. To report an incident involving a restricted component, complete  the following steps:

  1. Call your local police or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) National Security Information Network at 1-800-420-5805
  2. Contact NRCan by phone (1-855-912-0012) or email (
  3. Complete, sign and return the Incident Report Form F07-01 (PDF, 76 kB) to NRCan at

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