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Policy Framework

EIPD's strategic direction and work plans are informed, in part, by the following elements:

Security and Prosperity Partnership

The Security and Prosperity Partnership, signed on March 23, 2005, by Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, is a North American framework to (i) address security and economic challenges and promote quality of life; (ii) enhance critical infrastructure protection and implement a common approach to emergency response.

National Security Policy

The Government of Canada's National Security Policy of April 2004, address Canada's core national security interests and provides a framework within which the Government will work with others such as the provinces, territories, first line responders, communities and private sector allies to address current and future threats to our country.

Smart Border Declaration

The Smart Border Declaration, signed on December 12, 2001, by then Deputy Prime Minister Manley and U.S. Secretary Tom Ridge, is an action plan for creating a secure and smart border between the two countries. This plan is based on four pillars: (i) secure infrastructure; (ii) secure flow of people; (iii) secure flow of goods; and (iv) information sharing and coordination. Action Item #21 of the plan, specifically deals with the protection of critical infrastructure.

Action Item #21 - Critical Infrastructure Protection

"Conduct binational threat assessments on trans-border infrastructure and identify necessary additional protection measures, and initiate assessments for transportation networks and other critical infrastructure."

Our governments have agreed on a Joint Framework for Canada-United States Cooperation on Critical Infrastructure Protection and have established a Binational Steering Committee to assess threats to our shared critical infrastructure and ensure an ongoing, high-level focus on the issue by both governments. The Committee has developed detailed work plans for collaboration in the areas of energy, telecommunications and transportation, and has established working groups to address horizontal issues such as research and development, interdependencies, mapping and threat information sharing.

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