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Clean Fuels Fund – Developing Enabling Codes and Standards

Advancing codes and standards for the production, distribution and use of clean fuels

As new technologies evolve and enter the market, having a robust, up-to-date set of codes and standards ensures the reliable, efficient and effective production, distribution, and use of clean fuels while ensuring they are compatible across jurisdictions. For more than a decade, we have been working on this challenge with the private sector, standard development organizations, and provincial and territorial governments.

Misaligned or non-existent codes and standards can:

impede clean fuels and technologies from being used broadly across Canada

Better codes and standards will:

enable the reliable and efficient operation of clean fuel infrastructure and end-use technologies

increase cost to suppliers and end-users

ensure they are compatible and can operate across all jurisdictions

Program benefits

Developing enabling codes and standards will:

  • address gaps in codes and standards using evidence-based testing and decision-making
  • help the certification process of new production facilities
  • eliminate barriers to new end-uses (e.g., blending limits for hydrogen in natural gas) or clean technologies entering the market place
  • deliver on a comprehensive multi-year work plan for the alternative fuels codes and standards initiative under the Canada/ U.S Regulatory Cooperation Council
  • continue to address gaps in codes and standards for the electrification of transportation

How does the code development process work?

To address the gaps in codes and standards using evidence-based testing and decision-making we:

  1. Collect sound technical information through research and development

  2. Rely on subject expert led technical committees use the data to develop new or revise existing codes and standards.

  3. Encourage relevant Authorities Having Jurisdiction to enforce the newly-developed codes and standards through harmonized regulation while also providing a common set of technical criteria for clean technology companies to develop products.

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