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UTS-1 to UTS-4 Certificate of Analysis

Certified Reference Material: Uranium Tailings Samples

Uranium tailings samples UTS-1, UTS-2, UTS-3, and UTS-4 were prepared by CCRMP on behalf of the National Uranium Tailings Program (NUTP) of CANMET for use both in geochemical and in radiochemical studies.

UTS-1 is from Madawaska Mines Ltd., near Bancroft, Ontario. The ore, essentially granitic with uranium present as uraninite and uranothorite with minor uranophane, is comminuted and leached with sulphuric acid and sodium chlorate. The tailings slurry is treated with lime before disposal.

UTS-2 is from Rio Algom Ltd. in Elliot Lake, Ontario. The ore, a sericitic, feldspathic quartzite containing about 10% pyrite, is comminuted and leached with sulphuric acid. The tailings slurry is treated with lime and limestone before disposal.

UTS-3 is from Eldorado Nuclear Ltd., at Beaverlodge, Saskatchewan. The ore consists of pitchblende in reddish-brown oligoclase saturated with dusty hematite.

The pyrites in the ore are separated by flotation and are leached with sulphuric acid and sodium chlorate. Uranium is precipitated with magnesium hydroxide and is added to the "pyrite-free" ore. This mixture is leached with carbonate and sulphate, and the tailings are disposed of directly.

UTS-4 is from Eldor Mines at Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan. The host rock for uranium mineralization is a siliceous dolomite. The ore is comminuted and leached with sulphuric acid and sodium chlorate, and the tailings slurry is neutralized with lime before disposal.

Eighteen laboratories provided results for the interlaboratory program to characterize these samples for geochemical constituents. Eight laboratories participated for the radiochemical constituents.

A copy of Report NUTP-2E, "Uranium tailings reference materials", will be issued with each order for one or more these samples.

Certified Values
Mass %
Constituent UTS-1 UTS-2 UTS-3 UTS-4
Fe (total) 4.87 3.20 3.25 2.62
Ti 0.54 0.18 0.23 0.24
Al 6.24 2.71 5.80 6.29
Ca 5.24 0.42 4.03 1.75
S (total) 1.00 3.23 0.23 1.80
Sulphate 2.64 0.84   5.21
Ba 324 464 212 65.0
U 49 56 513 1010.0
Th 138 174 10 15.4
As       38.0
Th-230 3.6 4.4 11.3 22.9
Ra-226 3.67 5.6 13.3 38.6
Pb-210 3.25 4.55 12.6 32.4
Po-210 3.1 4.4 11.8 30.8
Th-232 0.68 0.88    
Ra-228 0.68 1.0    
Th-228 0.71 0.92    

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