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CUP-1 Certificate of Analysis

Certified Reference Material: Uranium Ore

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CUP-1 is a sample of ore from the Schwartzwalder deposit near Golden, Colorado. CCRMP was approached by the Analytical Subcommittee of the Canadian Uranium Producers Metallurgical Committee to prepare this reference material. This ore is from the same source as the "Sill" ore which is known to be in radiochemical equilibrium with respect to the uranium-238 decay series.

The material was dry-ground to minus 74 :m, and blended and bottled in 200-g units. The stock was sampled systematically and analyzed for uranium by an X-ray fluorescence method to ensure that it was sufficiently homogeneous for use a compositional reference material.

Approximate Chemical Composition

CUP-1 was characterized by an interlaboratory analysis program. The recommended value for uranium is the unweighted mean of 10 sets of results from 9 laboratories (60 results in all). The within- and between-laboratories standard deviations are 0.0033% and 0.0024%, respectively.

Certified Values and 95% Confidence Intervals
Constituent wt %
Uranium 0.128 ± 0.002

A certificate of analysis will be issued with each order of CUP-1. CANMET Report 86-2E, "CUP-1: A certified uranium reference ore", will be forwarded, free of charge, on request to the Coordinator, CCRMP.

Approximate Chemical Composition
Component Mass %
Na2O 0.2
MgO 4.7
Al2O3 7.9
SiO2 39.0
S 1.2
K2O 6.4
CaO 10.0
TiO2 0.5
MnO 0.7
Fe2O3 12.0
ZnO 0.1
MoO3 0.1

For further information

The report is available free of charge upon request.

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