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BH-1 Certificate of Analysis

Certified Reference Material: Tungsten Ore

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BH-1 is a sample of wolframite ore, hand-picked in 1973 from a stockpile at the Burnt Hill deposit near Fredericton, New Brunswick, the deposit being owned by International Paper Company Limited. Minerals present in decreasing order of abundance are: quartz, biotite, chlorite, muscovite, feldspar, pyrrhotite, beryl and topaz, wolframite, cassiterite and rutile, pyrite, molybdenite, bismuth, bismuthinite and galena, and chalcopyrite.

Certified Value and 95% Confidence Interval

Tungsten 0.422 ± 0.008 wt %

A certificate of analysis will be issued with each order of BH-1. A copy of CANMET Report 76-5, "Tungsten ores CT-1, BH-1 and TLG-1: Their characterization and preparation for use as certified reference materials", will be forwarded, free of charge, on request to the Coordinator, CCRMP.

Approximate Chemical Composition
Constituent wt %
W 0.422
Si 38.0
Al 3.5
Fe (total) 3.2
Ca 0.5
Mg 0.4
Na 0.1
K 1.7
Ti 0.4
Mn 0.2
Mo 0.02
C (total) 0.1
H2O+(950°C) 0.9
H2O-(105°C) 0.08

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