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Major Facilities

Man working on a casting machine.

CanmetMATERIALS’ major facilities include a 1200-ton high-pressure die caster. Photo by CanmetMATERIALS.

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CanmetMATERIALS collaborates with industry to improve the way products made from minerals and metals are produced and used. The focus is on research related to metal processing, including casting, forming, joining, advanced materials and prototype development. There is also an emphasis on in-depth competencies for materials assessment (microstructural characterization, corrosion and physical and mechanical testing).

This focus enables CanmetMATERIALS to:

  • get better performance from metal alloys and metal- or mineral-based materials for a wide range of end-use applications
  • develop advanced materials for next-generation vehicles
  • make Canada’s energy infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines and nuclear power generation systems, more reliable
  • develop specialized materials to help Canadian industry use energy efficiently and reduce air emissions and waste
  • provide sound technical input on standards and codes development
  • promote innovation and help Canadian companies compete
  • help Canadian firms save on energy costs through more efficient production techniques

Pilot-scale rolling mill
Learn about how CanmetMATERIALS works to optimize rolling conditions for advanced steel, aluminum and novel alloys for the transportation, pipeline, aerospace, defence and energy production sectors.

Pilot-scale casting: High-pressure die casting and vacuum induction melting
Read about CanmetMATERIALS' high-pressure die casting and vacuum induction facilities, used to support research and development on casting processes and alloy systems.

Cray Supercomputer
Discover how CanmetMATERIALS' Cray XE6m supercomputer enables the lab to perform large-scale simulations and parametric studies in support of materials research.

High-temperature and High-pressure corrosion laboratories
Read about CanmetMATERIALS' world-class suite of specialized laboratories, designed to support research that aims to understand corrosion phenomena within industrial processes and other materials applications.



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