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Discover Canada’s largest research centre dedicated to fabricating, processing, and evaluating metals and materials to improve all aspects of producing and using value-added products derived from metals and minerals.

Major Facilities
Find out what happens at CanmetMATERIALS’ facilities, from developing advanced materials for next-generation vehicles to improving the reliability of Canada’s energy infrastructure and more.

Materials Research Areas
Discover CanmetMATERIALS’ four main program areas (Transportation, Buildings, and Industry; Clean Energy Production; Pipelines; and Emerging and Defence Materials) and get details on collaborating with CanmetMATERIALS. More than 90% of CanmetMATERIALS’ research activities are collaborative.

Technical Capabilities
Learn about CanmetMATERIALS’ range of technical capabilities. There are nearly a dozen major areas of expertise ranging from corrosion to thermo-mechanical simulation to integrated computational materials engineering.

NRCan National Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body
Find out about the three major categories of non-destructive testing (NDT) and the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) NDT Certification Body..



Directory of NDT Certified Personnel
Find out who is currently NDT certified by NRCan. If you have a certification and have questions about its expiry date, this is also a good starting point.

Directory of X-Ray Flourescent Certified Personnel
Find out who is currently NDT certified by NRCan as an x-ray fluorescent (XRF) operator.

Mining/Materials Publications
Scroll through a list of our most recent publications on mining and materials, including key facts and information bulletins. Additional materials, grouped by theme, are also available to download.


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