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Natural Resources Canada Featured Initiatives

Explore our featured initiatives below as we introduce you to some of the great projects, technologies, and ideas that Natural Resources Canada is working on to create a stronger energy future for all Canadians.

A new Canadian Energy Regulator

Find out about proposed changes to Canadian energy regulations and future public consultations.

Equal by 30

Learn how Equal by 30 is putting Gender Equality at the heart of the global transition to a clean energy future.

Investing in Liquefied Natural Gas
The Government of Canada has approved a 40-year export licence to Woodfibre LNG Limited.

Softwood Lumber
Learn more about Canada’s softwood lumber industry and trade

Clean Technology in Canada
Learn how the Government is supporting innovation in Canada’s clean technology sector

Energy Pipeline Projects
Find out more about the Government of Canada’s energy pipeline project decisions.

Electric Vehicles
The Government is investing in electric vehicle and alternative fuel infrastructure for a low-carbon future.

Mission Innovation
Canada is proud to be a partner in this ambitious global initiative

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