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Technology Roadmaps

The Technology Roadmap (TRM) concept is a consultative process that is designed to help industry, its supply-chain, academic and research groups, and governments come together to jointly identify and prioritize the technologies needed to support strategic R&D, marketing and investment decisions. These technologies will be of critical importance to industry in the next five to ten years.

In developing a TRM, companies within a sector come together in a joint commitment to identify the critical technologies as well as the skills required to properly utilize the technologies of the future. The TRM is therefore a means to achieve a joint decision on future research and development, future skills development, and to establish a commitment to work together to address these challenges.

The following documents are Technology Roadmaps have been produced in association with CanmetENERGY, and/or with funding from The Office of Energy Research and Development:

The TRM process in Canada is led by industry and facilitated by government. To find out more about Technology Roadmaps visit Industry Canada's Website .

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