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Heat Pumps

In Canada, more than half of the energy produced is lost. The willingness to reduce these energy losses through more efficient use is the most immediate and least costly means of achieving the Kyoto objectives. A recent report from the International Energy Agency indicates that 45% of the Kyoto objectives can be achieved through a more intelligent use of energy.

Towards Better Energy Management Using Heat Pumps

Since 20% of the secondary energy used in Canada is used for space and water heating in buildings, this sector represents an ideal target. Technologies providing better management of energy used for heating, cooling and refrigeration will result in significant energy reduction.

Achieving these objectives will require the use and management of multiple energy sources and efficient storage systems. To manage these various elements, heat pump (HP) systems are the most promising technology for heating and cooling buildings. With a penetration rate of 10% in 2020, the use of HPs will allow a reduction in energy consumption of 120 PJ and in greenhouse gas emissions of 5Mt of CO2 equivalent per year.

From Research to Demonstration

CanmetENERGY conducts research and development on heat pump systems to solve technical, financial and social problems that limit their use. These research activities focus on the following subjects:

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