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1. What is the level of funding for this Initiative?

Financial support for projects is based on the total amount of funds available for the Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative (ZEVAI).

For projects with for-profit organizations, the maximum amount payable by this program can be up to 50% of total project costs.

For projects with not-for-profit organizations or provincial, territorial, regional or municipal governments or their departments or agencies where applicable, the maximum amount payable by the program can be up to 75% of total project costs.

For projects where the Proponent is an Indigenous organization or registered Indigenous business or community, the maximum amount payable by this program can be up to 75% of total project costs, regardless of whether they are for-profit or not.

2. What sort of projects are eligible for funding under the zero emission vehicle awareness initiative?

Through the Initiative, NRCan will provide funding for new and innovative ZEV awareness and education activities that are to take place in Canada.

Projects supported under ZEVAI include battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric and hydrogen fuel cell in all vehicle and equipment classes, including light, medium and heavy-duty on-road, off-road and micro-mobility solutions.

Proposed projects could include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Developing and implementing a novel targeted outreach (e.g. MURB residents, new Canadians) and awareness campaign
  • Establishing a web-based resource and information portal
  • Implementing a test drive and trial program (e.g. ride-and-drive events in underserved areas)
  • Establishing and operating showcase facilities including mobile showcases that display ZEVs and charging infrastructure
  • Implementing an national or regional electric vehicle mentorship or ambassador program
  • Undertaking actions to increase workplace charging awareness among employees across multiple companies
  • Undertaking actions to increase physical and online visibility of charging infrastructure
  • Increasing knowledge of EV charging options and technologies among potential end-users such as commercial fleets
  • Developing curriculum and/or training material for a target audience such as truck drivers or auto dealers
  • Developing best practices guides and educational tools to support targeted audiences or for all Canadians (national scale)
  • A series of in person (if and when permitted by local health authorities) and virtual meetings, presentations, technology demonstrations or other events (with remote attendance options)

3. Are advance payments allowed under ZEVAI?

NRCan does not have the authority to issue advance payments. Proponents will be required to submit payment claims and progress reports to NRCan summarizing project progress and expenses incurred in order to be reimbursed for eligible expenditures. Eligible expenditures need to be submitted in accordance to the contribution agreement and during the eligible expenditure period.

4. Can ZEVAI funding be stacked with other financial incentives?

It is possible for other source of funding, for example, a provincial incentive, to contribute to project costs. Total funding from all levels of government (e.g. federal, provincial/territorial and/or municipal) cannot exceed 75% of the total project costs, unless the proponent is an Indigenous owned business or community, not for profit organization, a provincial, territorial or municipal government or their department or agency, in which case the stacking limit is 100% of project costs.

5. Can projects be started before the signature of the contribution agreement?

No, the contribution agreement between the recipient and NRCan must be in place in order for the project to start. Expenditures incurred prior to the signature of the contribution agreement cannot be reimbursed and will be considered ineligible expenditures towards the total project cost.

6. Will there be other call for proposals in the future?

No dates are currently set for a new call for proposals. Please visit the ZEVAI home page regularly for updated information, and email ZEVAI at to request that your contact information be placed on the program email distribution list.

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