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SmartDriver Training: Highway Trucking

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) web-based training is the flexible choice for trucking professionals on the go. The training provides immediate access to course content anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available.

This free training helps truckers and trucking companies improve fuel efficiency. The course focuses on fuel-saving techniques within a driver’s control, such as idling, progressive shifting and maintenance.

A SDHT study conducted in 2021 by FPInnovations reported an average fuel savings of 3.8% from participating fleets.

A certificate of achievement is awarded to those who complete the training with a mark of at least 80%.

Course outline

SDHT training is composed of 4 modules that can be used individually or in a blended learning approach:

  • Module 1: Why fuel-efficient driving matters
  • Module 2: Physical factors that affect fuel efficiency
  • Module 3: Fuel efficient driving
  • Module 4: Vehicle care and inspection


Commercial trucking industry professionals

Delivery method

Online web-based


Learners will need approximately 1-3 hours to complete the training


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