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Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative - Successful Applicants

Below is a list of projects being funded under the Initiative (please note: this list is subject to change).
Only projects for which contribution agreements have been signed are listed.

Proponent Project Name Province/
Project Type NRCan Contribution Total Project Cost Project Status
Province of British Columbia Emotive New Markets Project British Columbia
  • Personal vehicles
  • Outreach to previously underserved communities
  • Multi-lingual communications
  • Online and in-person delivery
$50,000 $110,000 Completed
Government of Yukon Electric Vehicle Discovery Event Yukon
  • Personal vehicles
  • On-location public outreach materials with charging stations
$48,500 $97,000 Completed
Mogile Technologies Inc. White Label EV Information & Education Portal for Canadian Dealerships Quebec
  • Personal vehicles
  • Dealership support - staff and clients
  • Online delivery
$23,689 $47,349 Completed
New Brunswick Power Corporation Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative New Brunswick
  • Personal vehicles
  • Outreach material development - myth-busting
  • Online delivery
$50,000 $100,000 Completed
Community Energy Association What’s Your EV Story: Community-Directed Electric Vehicle Awareness Pilot British Columbia
  • Personal vehicles
  • Small-medium communities and Indigenous groups
  • Curriculum development
  • Online workshop delivery
$35,000 $70,000 Completed
Newfoundland Power Plug-In to the Future Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Personal vehicles
  • Targeted outreach campaign
  • Online delivery
$50,000 $100,000 Completed
SaskPower SaskPower’s Electric Vehicle Awareness Campaign Saskatchewan
  • Personal vehicles
  • Support for partners running in-person outreach events
  • Online delivery
$44,500 $89,000 Completed
Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care Inc. Advancing awareness, support and adoption of zero-emission vehicles and technology in Canada’s health services sector Nova Scotia
  • Light-duty vehicle commercial fleets
  • Health-care sector
  • Outreach to support adoption
$50,000 $118,000 Completed
Ecohive Inc. Mobile Networking Application for the EV community Ontario
  • Personal vehicles
  • Mobile app for ZEV community
  • Geolocation, chat, forums, FAQs
$50,000 $129,600 Completed
Équiterre Campagne de sensibilisation au véhicule électrique chez les anglophones du Grand Montréal Quebec
  • Personal vehicles
  • Media campaign and educational tools
  • English-speakers in Montreal region
$50,000 $145,730 Completed
Newfoundland Power Inc. takeCHARGE EV Awareness and Education Initiative Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Personal vehicles
  • Advertising, webinars
  • Testimonials
$50,000 $100,000 Completed
Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) in Canada: Increased Support for Public Awareness and Education British Columbia
  • Personal vehicles and commercial/government fleets
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • Outreach campaign
$46,000 $121,000 Completed
Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) CAA ZEV Consumer Awareness Project Ontario
  • Personal vehicles
  • Digital/video-based public outreach
  • Online delivery
$50,000 $100,000 Completed
Fondation québécoise d’éducation en sécurité routière Raising awareness among young people about the electrification of transport Quebec
  • Personal vehicles
  • Youth-focused outreach
  • In-person and social media delivery
$50,000 $120,000 Completed
Recharge Véhicule Électrique (RVE) Canadian Multi-Unit Dwellings and EV Charging with Quebec
  • Personal vehicles
  • Outreach and tools for multi-unit residential building (MURB) occupants and condo boards
  • Online delivery
$50,000 $100,000 Completed
The Pollution Probe Foundation Municipal ZEV Online Engagement Platform Ontario
  • Personal vehicles and commercial/government fleets
  • Forum for ongoing municipal government dialog
  • Online delivery
$50,000 $100,345 Completed
IDEA Simplifico Inc. Rendez-vous ZÉRO Quebec
  • Personal vehicles
  • In-person event – hybrid vehicle test-drives
  • Online delivery – video series
$50,000 $135,000 Completed
Oshawa PUC Networks Durham ZEV Virtual Showroom Ontario
  • Personal vehicles
  • Marketing/outreach campaign – community focus
  • Online delivery
$50,000 $122,514 Completed
EnviroCentre EV Test Drive Concierge Service via Car Sharing Ontario
  • Personal vehicles
  • Experiential/Test-drives
  • In-person delivery
$283,500 $604,013 Active/Ongoing
Three Nations Energy GP Inc. Fort Chipewyan Electric Vehicle Kickstart Alberta
  • Personal vehicles
  • Community EV Strategy - Indigenous proponent and community
  • Curriculum and materials development
  • Online delivery
$147,810 $197,810 Active/Ongoing
Environmental Careers Organization of Canada Indigenous Awareness & Participation in Combating Climate Change through Zero Emission Vehicles Alberta
  • Personal vehicles
  • Rural, remote and Indigenous communities
  • Education and resources – ambassadors program
  • In-person and online delivery
$299,902 $399,877 Active/Ongoing
Volta Research Inc. Improving Public Confidence for Zero Emissions Vehicles by Exploring Vehicle to Grid Capability: Education, Outreach, and Best Practices Ontario
  • Personal vehicles and commercial fleets
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G) education, including documentary
  • Current and prospective ZEV owners
  • Digital delivery
$150,000 $651,000 Active/Ongoing
Red River College Enhancing Workplace Charging across Canada’s Prairie Region through Emphasizing Strategies for Cost-Effective Adaptation of Charging Infrastructure Manitoba
(Alberta/ Saskatchewan)
  • Light-duty vehicle commercial fleets
  • Workplace charging
  • Research and publication
  • Outreach to businesses
$225,000 $300,000 Active/Ongoing
City of Edmonton Edmonton Electric Vehicle Trade Show Alberta
  • Personal vehicles/light-duty vehicle commercial fleets
  • One-time ZEV trade show
  • Workshops for underserved communities
  • Creation of local ZEV business and stakeholder network
  • In-person and online delivery
$250,000 $374,000 Active/Ongoing
City of Toronto, Environment & Energy Division Toronto EV Outreach Initiative Ontario
  • Personal vehicles
  • Public outreach campaign
  • Online, social media, in-person exhibit and events, presentations
$300,000 $756,442 Active/Ongoing
Community Energy Association Implementing Indigenous Communities’ ZEV Visions British Columbia
  • Personal vehicles and commercial/government fleets
  • Recruitment and training of Indigenous community champions
  • In-person information sessions delivered by champions
$100,000 $133,333 Active/Ongoing
Alberta Motor Transport Association Hydrogen Vehicle Demonstrations Alberta
  • Commercial fleets – heavy duty vehicles
  • Hydrogen fuel cell trucks
  • Demonstration and education materials
  • In-person and online delivery
$300,000 $727,100 Active/Ongoing
Capital Regional District Capital Region E-Mobility Awareness Initiative British Columbia
  • Personal vehicles and e-bikes
  • Public outreach campaign
  • In-person, mobile demonstration unit
$224,000 $306,833 Active/Ongoing
Plug'n Drive Coalition of Ontario rEVving up Ride Sharing and Delivery Ontario
  • Personal vehicles and light-duty vehicle commercial fleets
  • In-person education and test drives
  • Focus on ride-sharing, delivery drivers and fleets
$225,000 $710,000 Active/Ongoing
McMaster University ZEV Fleet Adoption Awareness: Integrated Knowledge Synthetization & Interactive Educational Tools Ontario
  • Transit fleets
  • Educational tools
  • Digital delivery
$101,775 $135,700 Active/Ongoing
H2GO Canada Inc. Hydrogen Village FCEV Awareness Program Ontario
  • Commercial fleets – transit, freight, taxi/limo
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • Workshops, in-person ride-and-drives and online delivery
$300,000 $492,675 Active/Ongoing
ArcAscent Inc. DBA Electric Autonomy Canada The Canadian Fleet Electrification Information Portal and Engagement Program Ontario
  • Commercial fleets
  • Education, planning and decision tools
  • Online delivery
$176,375 $350,000 Active/Ongoing
Wyse Meter Solutions Inc. Wyse EV Show and Tell Charging Project Ontario
  • Personal vehicles
  • Multi-unit residential building (MURB) EV charging education
  • Social media and in-person events
$187,500 $375,000 Active/Ongoing
Green Learning Canada Foundation Electrifying the Future: Alberta Youth Pilot EV Conversion and Charge Station Installation Education Program Alberta
  • Personal vehicles and commercial fleets
  • Youth training – course development and delivery
  • Training for EV charging station installation
$225,970 $321,971 Active/Ongoing
Newfoundland Power Inc. takeCHARGE Drive Electric Initiative Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Personal vehicles and light-duty commercial fleets
  • Outreach campaign
$200,000 $400,000 Active/Ongoing
Canadian Automobile Association CAA’s EV Buyer’s Guide Ontario
  • Personal vehicles
  • EV buyers guide – decision making support
  • Online delivery
$285,000 $380,000 Active/Ongoing
Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley The A to Z of ZEVs Alberta
  • Personal vehicles
  • Webinars and car show event
  • Online and in-person delivery
$50,000 $66,800 Active/Ongoing
Eastern Charlotte Waterways Inc. Zero to Possibility: Transportation Options to lower your Carbon Footprint New Brunswick
  • Personal vehicles
  • Public outreach campaign, including test drives
  • Online and in-person delivery
$71,560 $104,960 Active/Ongoing
EcoSchools Canada Activating Awareness of Zero-Emission Vehicles in K-12 Schools Ontario
  • Personal vehicles, low-carbon commuting
  • School-aged children
  • Educational resource tool development and delivery
$157,412 $312,413 Active/Ongoing
Eco-West Canada Manitoba & Saskatchewan Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Municipal and Community Engagement & Awareness Program Manitoba
  • Personal vehicles
  • Development and dissemination of education tools and toolkit
  • Community/municipal government
  • Online delivery
$300,000 $452,186 Active/Ongoing
Drive Electric NL Electric Vehicle Resource Centre Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Personal vehicles
  • Drivers and dealerships
  • Online and in-person delivery, test drives
$295,044 $393,392 Active/Ongoing
Hydro-Quebec Public charging and electric vehicle awareness, using a targeted and thematic approach Quebec
  • Personal vehicles
  • Public outreach campaign, including test drives
  • Online and in-person delivery
$297,270 $396,360 Active/Ongoing
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Akwesasne EV Ambassador Project Quebec
  • Personal vehicles
  • Multi-faceted public and employee outreach, including test drives
  • Indigenous proponent, Indigenous and non-Indigenous project audiences
  • In-person and online delivery
$291,030 $338,040 Active/Ongoing
New Brunswick Lung Association Drive Electric Atlantic New Brunswick
  • Personal vehicles and low-carbon commuting
  • Public and EV salespeople education program
  • Online delivery
$238,900 $338,900 Active/Ongoing
Fondation québécoise d’éducation en sécurité routière (FQESR) Super Electric Rally 2022 Quebec
  • Personal vehicles
  • Inter-provincial EV sporting event with awareness activities in 5 stopover communities
  • Focus on EV suitability for distance travel
$300,000 $450,000 Active/Ongoing
Upcycle Green Technology - Auto Shop Inc. ZEV and mobile charging station learning unit Prince Edward Island
  • Personal vehicles
  • Public outreach program
  • In-person and online delivery
$128,448 $257,448 Active/Ongoing
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