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Streaming media?
Make the simple choice to do it smarter.

Did you know?

ENERGY STAR certified products that enable streaming, modems/routers, set top boxes, digital media players, computers, laptops, TVs, and smart TVs are 25% more energy efficient.

  • Streaming to a large screen
    • Smart TVs = Smart Choice.
      •  Smart TVs with built-in components and user interfaces to enable streaming are the most efficient way to stream content to the large screen.
    • Digital media player 15x more efficient.
      •  Digital media players (e.g., Roku, AppleTV), use 15 times less energy than a game console.
  • Streaming to a small screen
    • Tablet 4x more efficient.
      • Tablets use 4 times less energy than a laptop.

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Natural Resources Canada’s ENERGY STAR program provides simple tips and information to help you save energy and money, and protect the climate.

Source: U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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