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Buying an energy-efficient new home

Learn about what to look for in an energy-efficient new home and how to find the builder you need to make your dream a reality. Read about research taking place into household energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient design, construction and appliances for new homes, energy-efficient upgrades for older homes

ENERGY STAR  homes: comfort and savings

Benefits of an ENERGY STAR certified home, typical features, maintenance of your home

R-2000: environmentally friendly homes

Benefits of an R-2000 certified home, the R-2000 Standard, how to build or buy an R-2000 certified home

What is an EnerGuide-rated new home?

Benefits of EnerGuide-rated homes, how the EnerGuide rating system works

Net Zero: future building standards

Net zero energy ready homes case studies, path to Net Zero project, CanmetENERGY projects and more.

Find a service provider for new homes

Contact an energy-efficient builder in your area

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