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Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) – Alumni

The alumni of the Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) are part of a highly skilled and highly sought after cohort of trained policy analysts. The unique skills that PARDP alumni developed as part of the PARDP experience have led to exciting opportunities both in government and beyond. This page is dedicated to maintaining and building relationships with PARDP alumni to strengthen ties within the growing PARDP community.

What can I expect as a PARDP alum?

As a PARDP alum, you can expect to receive news and announcements regarding engagements with current PARDP participants, events with the PARDP alumni community, and opportunities to grow your network.


PARDP alumni have access to a diverse and growing community of public servants within Natural Resources Canada. The Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program Network (PARDP Network) has launched the Reconnect Initiative to connect the alumni community and create opportunities to engage with the current PARDP participants and grow your professional network.

To register for emails, follow this link to verify your participation in PARDP.


For more information


If you have questions about this initiative, contact the network committee.


The PARDP Network has launched a series of initiatives to engage the PARDP alumni community. You can engage through:

  • alumni mentorship opportunities with current PARDP participants
  • alumni events featuring notable speakers from the PARDP community
  • opportunities to speak and/or participate in other alumni panels and events
  • PARDP alumni profiles and features

You will be alerted of all upcoming alumni events and have access to recordings of previous events.


Since its inception, the PARDP alumni community has continued to grow. In the past three years alone, over 75 PARDP graduates have been welcomed into the PARDP alumni community.

Build your professional network with new PARDP alumni across all sectors of NRCan!

18 graduates between 2018-2019, 23 graduates between 2019-2020, 36 graduates between 2020-2021

Get in touch

Email us for more information about the PARDP alumni community.

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