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Strategic Evaluation Division

Evaluation's Role

Within the Government of Canada, evaluation is the primary source of neutral and systematic information on the ongoing relevance, results and value of programs and policies as well as alternatives and program design improvements. Evaluation is an important source of information for allocating and reallocating resources.

What We Do

The objective of NRCan's Strategic Evaluation Division is to provide our department, central agencies and Canadians with evidence-based assessments of the relevance and effectiveness of our programs and policies. We also work with managers to help them measure their performance.

Evaluation Methodologies

Evaluation reports are usually based on the findings from several lines of evidence. Common methodologies used include: interviews; document and literature reviews; surveys; case studies; other data and economic analyses.

Evaluation Process

Evaluation projects are authorized by NRCan's Evaluation Committee based on a long-term planning process and completed reports are posted on the departmental website. Evaluation reports contain recommendations as well as the action plans prepared by departmental managers to respond to the recommendations. The implementation of these action plans is tracked by the Evaluation Committee.

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