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Minister’s message

L'honorable James Gordon Carr, P.C., M.P., Ministre  des Ressources naturelles

Our government has a clear vision for Canada: to make it a global leader in this clean-growth century. We have also developed a clear path for getting there.

This report reflects the important role Natural Resources Canada is playing in these efforts: by accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy; promoting clean technology, science and innovation; enhancing the safety and security of Canadians; improving access to global markets; and renewing our relationship with Indigenous peoples.

Innovation is central to everything we do. It creates new tools to help Canadians adapt to climate change and drives the clean technologies that make our energy, forest and mining industries more productive and environmentally sustainable. Innovation also makes Canadian businesses more competitive by developing new products, expanding our exports and opening new markets.

As we prepare for the future, we must also ensure that Canadians can prosper in the present — including by providing energy they can count on when they flick on a light or fill up their cars. That means continuing to support our oil and gas industries even as we develop alternatives — including solar, biomass, wind and tidal.

We are also helping Canadians with the practical decisions they make every day, whether they are consumers purchasing an energy-efficient appliance or entrepreneurs pursuing clean-growth opportunities.

Our department is investing in green infrastructure, such as charging stations for electric vehicles, so Canadians can make confident choices about the kind of vehicles they buy. And we are establishing new building codes to make our homes and businesses, schools and hospitals more energy-efficient.

We are also strengthening our ties with our regional and international partners to turn our domestic successes into global opportunities.

All of these efforts are helping us honour the overarching goal made in my Mandate Letter to “ensure that our resource sector remains a source of jobs, prosperity and opportunity ... in a world that increasingly values sustainable practices and low-carbon processes.”

Budget 2018 confirms NRCan’s central role in the Government’s efforts to make Canada a leader in the clean-growth future. It builds on previous budgets to advance the importance of natural resources in the economy of tomorrow.

As the world continues the transition to a low-carbon future, Natural Resources Canada will continue to be at the forefront — driving innovation, supporting gender equality, enhancing environmental performance and promoting Indigenous partnerships.

The Honourable Jim Carr, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Natural Resources

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