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Team Montreal’s Participation to the Solar Decathlon China 2017 Competition

Lead Proponent: The Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning, McGill University
Location:  Montreal, QC / Dezhou, China
EIP Contribution: $ 50,000
Project Total: $ 400,000
Strategic Area:  Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities

Project Objectives:

The main objective of this project is to design, build, and operate a Net-Zero Energy capable prototype building to win the Solar Decathlon China 2018 competition (July 2018). Once built, the house will be shipped to China in the summer of 2018, in preparation for the competition.

This Deep-Performance Dwelling (DPD), is a distinctly Canadian version of a high-performance row house (2-stories, 2000sq.ft.) that showcases Canadian innovation and products, seeks to raise climate change awareness, and offers an affordable, Net-Zero Energy residence for the Canadian market.

The DPD design will be Passive House inspired, use panelized envelope,  reduce energy demand by 80% relative to standard construction methods; achieve superior indoor air quality and thermal comfort and control. The project will also develop a Market Analysis for an all-Canadian version of the DPD and one that is appropriate for China using Canadian forestry products, supply chains, materials and equipment.

Expected Results:

As a Net-Zero Energy capable designed project it will address significant issues we face due to climate change and will provide hazard risk management adaption through its unique pre-fabrication modular construction. The DPD stands to have a significant impact on the economic development of affordable housing options and aims to address our collective environmental responsibilities worldwide.

This Project will provide insights on the feasibility and application of building techniques and technologies in urban centers.  This Project represents a unique opportunity to gain knowledge on row house units, and in implementing Canadian wood products and clean technologies capable of achieving net-zero energy (NZE) Ready building performance in Canada.


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