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Lipid-to-Hydrocarbon Biojet Project

Strategic Area

Technology and Innovation




CanmetENERGY Devon
University of Alberta
University of Dayton
Westcoast Reductions
World Energy


Impact Canada



Impact Canada Contribution

$ 2,150,000

Project Total

$ 2,292,552


Montreal, QC

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FORGE Hydrocarbons
Impact Canada Initiative
The Sky’s the Limit Challenge
Video:  Sky’s the Limit

Lead Proponent

FORGE Hydrocarbons

Project Outcomes

FORGE technology offers a sustainable option to decarbonize air travel to meet growing climate change goals.  As part of the Impact Canada The Sky’s the Limit Challenge, FORGE Hydrocarbons has successfully produced a sustainable aviation fuel that can meet industry demands. Their process starts with lipid feedstocks from waste oils and fats, and through a proven lipid to hydrocarbon (LTH) technology, they produced low carbon, cost competitive, greener, cleaner, renewable diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel.

FORGE’s sustainable aviation fuel meets and exceeds industry requirements, and will be part of the solution to providing cleaner and greener fuels to meet the aviation industry's needs and power tomorrow's greener, cleaner travel.

“The Sky’s the Limit Challenge provided FORGE the financial support and the focus on SAF which allowed us to develop a bolt-on SAF production concept based on the FORGE Lipid to Hydrocarbon technology. We have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on the importance of SAF to help decarbonize the aviation industry.” – The team at FORGE
Workers at FORGE Hydrocarbons

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