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Codes and Standards for the Zero-Emission Vehicle Sector in Canada

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Codes and Standards




Green Infrastructure



GI Contribution

$ 1,716,469

Project Total

$ 2,291,269


Toronto, ON

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CSA Group

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CSA Group

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to research, develop, adapt and update codes and standards for electric and alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure.

The requirements for Canadian and U.S. Codes and Standards will be aligned where possible, primarily through the publication of binational standards that can be referenced in both countries.

Expected Results

These codes and standards for electric and alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure will address key barriers to the uptake of zero-emission vehicles in Canada.

Codes and Standards developed and/or updated will be done under the sub-projects listed below, and will address component and system safety, performance and improved test requirements:

  1. Electric Vehicle Advanced Charging
  2. Standardization for Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS)
  3. Two-Way Power Flow (Vehicle-to-Grid)
  4. Review and Clarify Test Requirements for Hydrogen and CNG Standards
  5. Evaluate Hydrogen Tanks in Heavy-Duty Vehicle Applications
  6. Standardization for Battery Management Systems

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