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Sources of energy information

Canadian sources of energy data

High quality and accessible data on energy is key to supporting informed decision making and enabling Canadians to engage in conversations about Canada’s energy system and its future.

Canadian Centre for Energy Information (CCEI)

The CCEI is a convenient one-stop virtual shop for independent and trusted information on energy in Canada. The website brings together over 550 products from dozens of governmental and non-governmental sources from across Canada.

Energy commodity indicators

Canada’s energy landscape through the most commonly referenced energy datasets related to crude oil, natural gas, electricity, and Canada’s energy transition.

Canadian energy data links

Canadian energy data from source to end use that follows two pathways: one on oil and natural gas and the other on electricity.

Energy use statistics

Canada-wide information base on energy consumption for all energy-consuming sectors.

Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI)

CERI specializes in the analysis of energy economics and related environmental issues in the energy production, transportation, and consumption sectors.


International sources of energy data

Canada is part of a complex and global energy system. Learn more about Canada’s position in the global energy community; it is important to consider international energy data.

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