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Saving money on gasoline and other fuels

What can I do to reduce my fuel costs?

Although you can’t change the price of the fuel you buy, you can either affect your overall fuel bill by:

Is it more economical and fuel-efficient to leave my car running for a few minutes than to constantly turn it off and on?

If you’re going to be stopped for more than 10 seconds (except in traffic), you’ll save fuel and money by turning off the vehicle and then restating it when you’re ready to drive again. Every 10 minutes of idling costs you at least one-fifth of a litre in wasted fuel – and up to two-fifths of a litre if your vehicle has an eight-cylinder engine.

Will using high-octane gasoline improve my fuel economy?

Motorists often equate higher octane with higher fuel economy or more power. This is not necessarily the case. Unless the engine has been designed for higher octane fuel, its use may be unnecessary. Using higher octane gasoline will not be harmful, however, and it may be beneficial under certain circumstances (for example, if the vehicle will be driven with a heavy load or when a knock is detected in the engine). Generally, however, high-octane fuel is not required. Make sure to use the fuel type(s) recommended in your owner’s manual.

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