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Systems Analysis Software and Training Offer

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Authors: Industrial Systems Optimization Group, CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada

CETC Number: 2014-224

Publication Date: 2015-02-02


To allow effective technology transfer to industry, CanmetENERGY develops innovative software solutions that include the most recent advancements from our research activities:

  • INTEGRATION, which uses a systems approach to optimize heat recovery and reduce thermal energy use in industrial processes.
  • COGEN, which is used to build accurate models and to optimize industrial combined heat and power systems.
  • EXPLORE, which uses advanced data analysis techniques to understand and reduce process variability.
  • I-BIOREF, which allows for the assessment of the economic viability as well as the energy and environmental impacts of integrating various biorefinery technologies into existing pulp and paper mills.

CanmetENERGY’s Industrial Systems Optimization Group also offers different types of training courses in process integration, cogeneration, multivariate data analysis and biorefinery.

For more information about Natural Resources Canada’s activities related to industrial processes, visit the Industrial Processes section of the website.

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